A "fresh, inventive, urbane, and keen-witted young composer" (Boston Globe) and "a splendid pianist" "with a born pianist's command of colors, textures, dynamics", John McDonald has earned international acclaim as a musician.

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Spinning melodies like silk

Flutist Elizabeth Erenberg and I have been invited to MIT's Lincoln Labs on August 9, 2013 to present "Spinning Melodies Like Silk," a short interactive program based on our part in a project involving the synthesis of bioinspired silk fibers.

The initial work was published recently by collaborators Joyce Wong (Boston University, also a cellist) and Markus Buerler (MIT) as "Materials by design: Merging proteins and music" in  Nano Today. A summary (with video and my scores), may be found at the MIT news site. A briefer account appears in Wired magazine.

We shall be playing the music, also performed by Elizabeth, that can be heard in the video below, which appears courtesy of YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hyAe3uMwQY

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Friday, August 9, 2013, 11:00 am

Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
244 Wood St
LexingtonMA 02420-9108
phone: 781-981-5500

Composer John McDonald & flutist Elizabeth Erenberg present Spinning Melodies Like Silk, a brief performance and talk about their contribution to the project "Materials by design: Merging proteins and music" involving the assembly of synthetic silk fibers.

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